lunes, 11 de julio de 2016

La novia del rockero

Canción inspirada en la novia del rockero (podeis traducirla con el traductor):

Now that I forget
you can go all the birthdays you choose
(before you never could)
you can agree making arrangement with your lovers
and don't have to answer any more.
Now that I haven't damage because of your contradictions
cause of your mood to your darling people
you can spend your free time with your partners/friends
(before you never could)
Like said the poet so short love and so long forgetting...
Now that I'm at last a freethinker
I prefere doing sports
a bit of sport footloose
until arrive S. Fermín
until singing a jota
watching bulls between the crowd
(before I never could)
I don't have to display anymore.